A+ Series

Flexibility and Accuracy

The A+ series has been designed to offer significant accurancy of movement, flexibility in compatibility with different core box materials, functional reliability and a low maintenance design. Other characteristics of the A+ series include:

  • Suitabiity for cold and hot box processes
  • Quick tooling locking through hydraulic clamping cylinders
  • Vertical and horizontal parts for up to six part core boxes
  • Sand magazine with sleeve-free design and level laser control
  • Compact design
  • Adjustable quantities in the sand magazine using PLC
  • Integrated gas generator
  • Operator-friendly use

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A+ Series — Flexibility and Accuracy
A+ Series — Flexibility and Accuracy
A+ Series — Flexibility and Accuracy
A+ Series — Flexibility and Accuracy

Technical specification

TypeMLA 10MLA+20MLA+25MLA+40MLA+65MLA+80MLA+100MLA+150
(Max.) Shooting capacity(L)102025406580100150
Standard shooting area(L *W) (mm)400x300500x400650x550900x6001050x8001200x10001400x12001800x1000
Corebox closing force(KN)60100180270420600840900
Max core box size (L*W*H)(mm)700x650x500800x950 x 600900x1100 x 6001100x1200x6501250x1400x7001300x1600x8001600x1800x8002000x1600x800
Max. weight of core box(Kg)5001500250030004500600070008000
Dry cycle time(s)horizontal parted1822232528303234