Think Green and Clean

In May 2010 during the Metal China Show in Beijing, MZT introduced the new Inorganic core machine and tooling system. The core machine produced a water jacket core with robotic core pick-up from the core box. The Inorganic process is suitable for making cores for aluminum castings. Many advantages may be achieved using the Inorganic core machine, such as:

  • High strength cores
  • No hardening catalyzer (gas free)
  • No scrubber
  • Practical application and user-friendly characteristic, including safety aspects and major improvement in working conditions for the user
  • High level of environmental compatibility and a substantial reduction in the impact on the environment thanks to the elimination of materials that need to be disposed of in hazardous waste sites
  • High recycle value of initial materials and energy saving through elimination of costly recycling processes or through elimination of energy consumption during the mechanical destruction of the core and reprocessing
  • No emission of pollutants during the production of cores 
  • Major reduction in pollutants during the pouring process
  • No emission of pollutants during the decoring
  • ...and much more....

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Inorganic — Think Green and Clean
Inorganic — Think Green and Clean
Inorganic — Think Green and Clean
Inorganic — Think Green and Clean