Gas Generators

Our gas dosing precision and advanced heater concept make ours some of the most reliable gas generators available in the market today. High efficiency vaporization minimize gas consumption, and an oversized heater guarantee constant temperature throughout the working time. By means of PLC, the proportional valve may be set and the purging and washing phases customized. A flow meter pump guarantee gas dosage precision. Thermocouples are installed both outside the gas generator and within the gassing hood to control air temperature and provide automatic adjustment. The core machine’s operator panel display dates and settings.

With specific adjustments, our gas generators can be used for a variety of core curing processes, such as: CO2, Beta-set and SO2.

The gas generators can be supplied as “multiple process”: one unit for various curing processes.

Gas Generators — 
Gas Generators — 
Gas Generators — 

Technical specification

TypeAmine quantityStorage volumeControl range for proportional purging pressureHeating TP(max)Power at 380V,50HzHeating powerGas consumption under the constant 0.6 MPa
MF255 ml/s10 L0.03-0.5 MpaMax. 120 ℃6.5 kw3 kw+3 kwapproximately 60 m3/h
MF4010 ml/s10 L0.03-0.5 MpaMax. 120 ℃11 kw4.5 kw+6 kwapproximately 70 m3/h
MF5010 ml/s10 L0.03-0.5 MpaMax. 120 ℃18.5 kw9 kw+9 kwapproximately 100 m3/h