Established in 1999, Suzhou Mingzhi Technology Ltd. (MZT), formerly known as Suzhou Mingzhi Foundry Equipment Ltd, has become a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of core machines, cores of various processes, (Inorganic, Cold Box, Hot Box), core handling solutions, core sand-mixing systems, gas generators, gravity die-casting lines and tooling.

Assembly area 1
Assembly area 2
Fabrication area

The headquarters is located in Suzhou, 80 Km North of Shanghai, housing 500 employeers and covering a 100,000 square meter (sqm) area, of which 60,000 smq include offices, manufacturing facilities for production and assembly, an aluminum foundry and housing units for employees. The sales revenue in the past few years reached approximately 50 million euros per year.

The technical department employs 80 engineers divided into three sections: foundry equipment design, tooling and casting process design.

The CAD design software used is PRO/E Wildfire 3.0, Autocad and 3D Inventor Series.

The tooling center can manufacture core boxes for different processes including Inorganic, Cold Box, Hot Box and Dies and molds for the semi-permanent process.

MZT’s knowledge in manufacturing foundry equipment and tooling lends it the capability to offer turn-key solutions for it’s customers.

The internal aluminum foundry specializes in the production of aluminum castings, such as heat exchangers for water boilers, housings, engine blocks in short series, and oil valves. MZT castings are made utilizing a precision sand casting process, while molds employ a cold box core package technology and are poured from a low pressure furnace.

The Company works according to quality guidelines ISO 9001-2000 since 2004 and TS 16949 since 2005.